What you can learn from Monty Python about the power of collaboration.

group creativity

Knights who call themselves The knights who say ‘Ni’ and demand shrubbery as a sacrifice? It is hard to imagine how the comedians of Monty Python came up with such an off the wall idea. No doubt they all possess genius level creativity. Or, was it more about the method they used? John Cleese, one […]

How to make conference calls worth your time: 53 tips for better conference calls.

Wasting time

I often hear people saying “oh,  face to face meetings are so much better I would rather not have conference calls.” They are right. There is no better means of forming relationships than meeting face to face. Its what happens between those face to face meetings that is the problem. For any kind of worthwhile […]

Warning! Research proposal preparation can harm your research.

Research proposal preparation is a danger

What would you rather do: analyze some really interesting data that shows unexpected results, or merge 5 versions of a 115 page branched document? This, of course, is a rhetorical question, of course. If you spend 2 months writing a proposal and it is rejected, your research suffered. For EU projects most Coordinators spend a […]

20 benefits of collaboration as a researcher you cannot afford to ignore.

power of collaboration

Collaboration is an investment strategy. When I was starting out in research, I was afraid to collaborate. I didn’t think I could give something in return. That was naive. Collaboration is about much more than just sharing data or sharing techniques. Many researchers, in fact, treat collaboration as something they should do, like exercise or […]

What the 1025 study participants in U-BIOPRED are doing for you.

Marije Kootstra  poster

A year ago we did not think it was possible. It was a study that was ‘too complex’. We were wrong. U-BIOPRED (Unbiased Biomarkers in the Prediction of respiratory disease) is an Innnovative Medicine Initiative project focused on improving the understanding of severe asthma. In April U-BIOPRED completed recruitment of 1025 study participants.  Each participant has undergone extensive […]

9 reasons why you need to include patients in your research projects

computer stethescope

Isn’t it crazy not to include your end user in your product development? Industry and service providers are starting to get serious about patient engagement, with patient inclusion no longer being something on the sidelines but rather a pre-requisite for successful collaborations. Yet, patient engagement has existed for some time in European projects such as […]

Only for radical literals is Personalized Medicine a myth.

Personalised Medicine is a buzzword, but it is probably not just a myth.

Like any popular concept or term personalized medicine is going through what Gartner group calls a hype cycle. Currently it appears to be going through the peak of inflated expectations. As expectations inflate, the meaning of the term also begins to blur. A recent article on the CNN website reports on a discussion between Eric […]

What you should do to avoid the top 4 quagmires of public-private (IMI) translational research studies


“Being proactive is an investment in the bank of time, stress free project management, and project success.” In this blog post you will learn what you should do to pro-actively manage a public-private partnership translational research study. It is based on the experience of setting up the translational research clinical trial for UBIOPRED, one of […]

Do these when you have decided to go for grant funding.

Proactive Proposal Writing

Gut check – do you want grant funding? Yes this blog is supposed to be after you have already decided to go for grant funding, but it is important that you consider and reconsider what you are getting into. Grant funding comes with some downsides. There are typically onerous reporting requirements.  Furthermore, the funding is […]